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Welcome to I Feel Good

I feel good is personal training fitness club, designed for and by personal trainers, we could not imagine a better place to train for you.

We now have two clubs in Brussels:

Centre: Marnestraat 22, 1030 Brussels. - view on map

Hermann Debroux: Avenue Hermann Debroux 44, 1160 Auderghem. - view on map

I Feel Good is a Personal Training Fitness Club: we offer the best follow up for each member by a personal trainer. Other services we can provide are: sauna, relaxroom, one on one personal training ...
When we started I Feel Good, Personal Fitness Training Centre, in September 2003 we wanted to create the best possible training place for our Personal Trainers and their clients. We were training with a lot of people already and felt that most gyms lack something.
I Feel Good makes training fun and efficient; moreover it is a gym gym designed by Personal Trainers, for Personal Trainers, that contains all the equipment you'll ever need. Including a functional training room vibration training, BOSU's, Swiss balls, TRX, elastics and much more.

Our manager Two clubs in Brussels
Friedel Van Peer
I Feel Good Manager
Personal Trainer
0486 50 30 52

Rue de la Marne 22
1030 Brussels
Avenue Hermann Debroux 44
1160 Auderghem
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